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October 2000


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Aegee Palermo <[log in to unmask]>
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Aegee Palermo <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 27 Oct 2000 23:53:57 +0200
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Dear Ivana!
We got your e-mail just 20 days ago, because a friend of ours told us about
your  words and that's the only reason becase we're sending it now.
You have written that we were rude, we were obbliged to.
We were attacking  Ivana Vukov as netcom only because you wrote it,
it's your task.
At the end, we for sure did not destroy your work, but consider it a strange
to pay attention on what you write and to think a bit more  while you are
things that you are really sure. Sicily is not  the land of Mafia and bad
boys, so is important to distinguish between the bad and the good. Now, all
the region could think about Palermo "pretty things" but we are sure
everything will be comprensive with us, and about you....we don't know (we
hope all the best!).
Anyway we'll be happy to meet you and to talk friendly about it and close
the case in Udine, and we would like to be our gest for the next summer uny
here in Palermo.
Best regards
Davide Matranga, President of A.E.G.E.E Palermo & All A.E.G.E.E. board

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From: Ivana Vukov <[log in to unmask]>
To: <[log in to unmask]>
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2000 12:58 PM
Subject: [MISC-REG-L] ANSWER to AEGEE-Palermo from Ivana Vukov

> Dear AEGEE-Palermo,
> I have to say that your actions really surprise me!
> This email was sent on the regional list some months
> ago, and why are you reacting to it now?Just before
> the Agora?
> I find this as a very rude atatck.Let me explain:
> The quotes you took are from the minutes of the NetCom
> meeting. Why shoudl the NetCom meeting be secret???
> I don't see the point to it. You, my dear region
> should know exactly what is going on, isn't that
> right?So, why should I be blamed for writing that
> problems do exist?
> dear, AEGEE-Palermo..I am not enough to make a MEMCOM
> case!And, I did not start it...I have been approcahed
> by some poeple, that have found out that there are
> some irregularities(SU participants, your web-sites).
> So, I am sure you put lot of effort into your SUs, but
> don't blame me for problems that "MIGHT"(not proven
> that is why the MEMCOM case is mentioned) exist!
> I really do hope that I will have the chance to come
> and see your beautiful SUs and conclude that there is
> only a perfect organisation to be found.
> I really do not see the point of discussing these
> things on the list. Only, that there is an attempt to
> destroy my work of a NetCommie.Still, I hope that
> those were not your intentions...
> AEGEE-Palermo: The NetCommie should be a friend not an
> ennemie!
> Ivana
> --- "A.E.G.E.E. PALERMO" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > Miss  Ivana Vukov, dear region,
> >
> > We were so surprised reading this e-mail below,
> > written by our network
> > commissioner. It's absurd that a network
> > commissioner  has never been in
> > our SU ( we are still waiting for her....) has dared
> > to write these
> > words against our dignity, our work, our
> > respectability. Now, we want to
> > ask you: " Have you never been here in Palermo???
> > Have you seen with
> > your own eyes problems with SU advertising,
> > selection, discrimination of
> > members?? We're wondering how  it's possible to
> > suggest Palermo for
> > MemCom without evidences, without facts. At the end
> > we would like to
> > invite all the region to think about two points: 1)
> > Is it serious to
> > write those things from a Network Commissioner sited
> >  just on her
> > computer? 2) Do you still trust her? Remember it for
> > next network
> > commissioner  elections in Udine.
> > Best regards
> > Davide Matranga ( president of A.E.G.E.E. Palermo) &
> > all A.E.G.E.E.
> > team.
> >
> >
> >
> > 3.)Ivana: MISCBiH
> > >27 antennae in Italy. PRES, RM and Agora planned in
> > >the region (consecutive). Salerno charges 150 Euro
> > >for
> > >SU (more than allowed). Discussion about
> > >AEGEE-Split.
> > >Palermo is case for MemCom (wrong logo, problems
> > >with
> > >SU advertising, selection, discrimination of
> > >members).
> >
> =====
> Ivana Vukov
> AEGEE-Europe PR-Support
> Network Commissioner MISCBiH
> AEGEE-Zagreb PR-Responsible
> rue Nestor de Tiere 15, B-1030 Bruxelles/Brussel
> tel: +32-2-245 23 00, fax: +32-2-245 62 60
> NetCom:[log in to unmask], other:[log in to unmask]
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