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::: AEGEE-Europe Planning Meeting - Enschede
The AEGEE-Europe Planning Meeting is the association's think tank. It serves to set up AEGEE's thematic orientation. It takes place twice a year: in March as Think Europe! meeting and in September as Action Europe! meeting. This statutory event of AEGEE took place between 28th February and 2nd March 2003 in Enschede, the Netherlands. 250 representatives of local AEGEE branches gathered to discuss the possible AEGEE involvement in European matters as well as internal issues.  
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::: Enter European Education System
Within the frame of AEGEE-Europe Bologna-Prague-Berlin project, AEGEE-Maribor organised a conference about Higher Education, which took place 21st - 23rd February 2003 in Maribor. Believing that harmonization of education systems in Europe is essential for a better and more efficient co-operation and student exchange, participants of the event discussed a coherent European Higher Education system according to the principles set out in Bologna Declaration.
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::: European Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The European Role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Past European Peace Initiatives and Future Possibilities" - conference organized by the PIE (joint Palestinian-Israeli-European) student group within the European student organisation AEGEE took place between 24 - 28 February 2003 in Hofgeismar (Kassel) in Germany .
The primary objective of the PIE project is to launch an intercultural dialogue on the youth level. We firmly believe it is up to young people to bring out fresh ideas and enthusiasm, and to move the peace process from its current standstill.

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:: Cambridge Model European Council 2003
A highly acclaimed simulation of a European Summit, took place for the 4th time in Cambridge. Weekend conference organized by AEGEE Cambridge and the Cambridge European Union Society brought together around 120 students from all over Europe, including both AEGEE members and others.  
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::: AEGEE Television!
AEGEE.tv is one of the most spectacular AEGEE projects - the Internet television station for young people around Europe. With over 50 students and young professionals we experiment with creating television. AEGEE.tv enables you to find out what media can do for you and what impact you might have using them. It is the possibility for young people from all over Europe to share their ideas, experiences and enthousiasm about creating television.

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;:: Up-coming events

  • 'Turkish-Greek Civic Dialogue’ is a two-year demonstration project of AEGEE, aiming at fostering the relations between Turkish and Greek NGOs. The opening conference 'Rebuilding Communication' will take place in Sakarya (Turkey) from 20th til 23rd of March. [more]

  • Higher Education in a Globalized World - second conference within the framework of the "Bologna Prague Berlin" Project will take place in Bologna at the beginning of April [more]


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:: AEGEE-Europe media partners
AEGEE-Europe enjoys the media support of EurActiv.com and Eurodesk  
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