Globalisation blurring the cultures

From 22 to 24 August the European Students’ Forum AEGEE Riga was hosting the Study Meeting on European Culture organised within the framework of "Youth and Globalisation" Yearplan Project of AEGEE Europe. This seminar was the third one in a series of five Study Meetings, which are taking place throughout the summer months in different university cities across Europe. The Yearplan has reached its second phase of implementation, following the launch of the European-wide questionnaire that aimed at providing an overview on students’ knowledge on and interest in the phenomenon of globalisation and its effects on the European continent.

The Riga Study Meeting entitled ''Towards a Blurring of Identities'' explored the processes of cultural integration set in motion by the breakdown of physical, mental and social borders. A particular attention was given to the future European common cultural values addressed by the European Constitution.

“Culture is the base to understand each other,” said Mr. Roland Osols, the UNESCO Latvian National Commission Project Coordinator in his opening speech. “In a multicultural environment, communication is reflecting our cultural backgrounds. And communication is needed for tolerance and identity.”

Throughout the four-day meeting, the participants, students from all over Europe, expressed different views regarding the European identity and how Europe can be presented as an example of multicultural environment, in order to promote cultural tolerance in various conflict regions across the globe.

The participants have identified obstacles in the development of a European identity, obstacles against intercultural dialogue and tolerance within Europe and beyond. Summarising the debates and the views expressed by various lectures, the participants drafted a policy proposal that specifies how Europe can continue the development of its own identity and the intercultural dialogue in Europe. Particular attention was given to the work of the Convention and the design of a future European constitution.

“Globalisation brings a blurring of the cultures, where distinctive lines disappear or at least diminish,” said Mr. Koen Berden, lecturer at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Enjoying the support of the WORLD BANK, the ''Towards a Blurring of Identities'' Riga Study Meeting is part of the AEGEE project "Youth and Globalisation" which provides European youth a platform to discuss and debate how to deal actively with the forces of globalisation and how to shape them in a way that is advantageous to Europe and the world – today and in the future.

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