Want to know more about Turkey's history and cultural heritage?

    Want to think about Turkish and European identies?

        Want to discuss about Turkey's EU canditature?

                Here is YOUR chance: APPLY until 25th of September for...

EU&Turkey : TR(key?)

International Conference on the relations between Turkey and the EU

21st - 24th of October in Izmir




- lecture on Turkey and its geopolitical situation between Europe and Islamic countries

- discussion Turkey as a possible member state of the European Union

-  discussion of Turkish identity (ies) and European identity (ies)

- simulation on the accession negotions with the EU

... and much more!

Visits to:

Izmir and Ephesus,

Virgin Mary's House and a Greek village

... and much more!

Fee: 35 Euro 

(including 4 days accomodation, 3 meals per day, visits, sightseeing... and a lot of FUN!!!)


AEGEE-Izmir welcomes you !!!


For more information please visit 


NEW application deadline is 25th of September, 

so apply now via:


Susanne Strunck
PR Responsible EU&Europe Project

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