Peacebuilding and Peacekeeping

Concepts, Strategies and Initiatives for a peaceful Europe

AEGEE Fribourg

December 8th – December 11th 2005

Geneva, Switzerland

Under the patronage of  Mrs Micheline Calmy-Rey, Foreign minister of Switzerland





Peace is more than the absence of war. Prevention is much more effective and takes less efforts than the attempt to stop ongoing wars. If we take a look at the global Peace-War balance it is clear that we should not only focus on the conflict points, but also ask what role so-called "stable” countries can play. The countries with proven peacekeeping strategies help us to gather knowledge and experiences in question of peacebuilding and peacekeeping.

As a part of the current Yearplan Project of AEGEE-Europe “Tolerance–Acceptance–Peace” the seminar Peacebuilding and Peacekeeping focuses on what lessons for conflict resolution can be drawn from particularly stable countries like Switzerland with a strong culture of peace and how such countries can contribute to peace in Europe and the world.

Switzerland with its humanitarian tradition, the long peaceful history and its experiences with minorities and federalism offers the ideal background to hold such a seminar. With the choice of Geneva as location we would like to bring the participants in contact with organisations like the UN and the International Committe of the Red.

Main goal

Our aim is to bring together proven concepts, strategies and initiatives for peacebuilding and peacekeeping with real existing problems. The seminar will consist of several workshops that will give the possibility to discuss in smaller international and intercultural groups about different solutions for specific types of conflicts. We will focus on three main aspects:

1. Model function & knowledge transfer
2. Ways of coping with conflicts abroad
3. Private / civil initiatives

The seminar procedure will include analysis of exemplary conflicts and successful solutions, open presentations of participants’ own project ideas and development of concrete activity plans with the help of experienced project managers.

The event will take place in Geneva between December 8th and 11th. Participation fee is 50 Euros for EU/EFTA countries and 30 Euros for participants from other states. The fee includes the workshops, lodging and at least two meals a day.

To apply for the course, please go to
The most important bases of the selection procedure will be a motivation letter which should include reasons for interest or experience in the field of peace-building/peacekeeping, and a description of possible projects in this field. If an applicant is active in some association outside of AEGEE, brief information about the activities and participant’s role in the association should also be provided.


YPP05 Tolerance-Acceptance-Peace

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