How shall the list be named?
Names start with name of antenna or WG or "the frame" in which the list is created (e.g. project, commission), followed by "-" followed by some optional information, followed by "-L". Names must not include "AEGEE" as this is obvious from the ending. E.g.: "KAISERSLAUTERN-TOUCHME-L", "LISTCREATOR-PROJECT-L", "PALATINATE-L".


How shall the list be titled?
This text will appear as "Sender:" when mails are distributed. This title can be up to 50 characters, the shorter - the better. Don't use the words "AEGEE" or "Mailing" or "List" as they are evident (from the list domain and form for reception). Avoid using the word "members". Provide in the list title information, that is not evident.


Who will manage the list?
Enter at least two email addresses of persons who will manage the list.
Email addresses marked as "quiet" will not receive notification what is going on the list
(somebody subscribes/leaves the list, or users need help to un/subscribe, have questions about list policy,
want to contact the people managing the list).

For easier management, it is possible to specify that the listowners of some other lists
are automatically listowners of this list. In this case at the end of your term you need
to change the list settings only once. For this enter Owners(the other list) as email and
leave the real name empty.

For even easier management you can say that all subscribers of one mailing list can manage
this new list. For example if you have two mailing lists for an event - for the organizers and
for the participants, it might be desirable that every one subscribed to the organizers list can
add or remove subscribers of the participans' list. To achieve this put the list with the organizers
in parenthesis. E.g. (OUR-EVENT-STAFF-L).

Entered names must contain at least two parts! Otherwise the owner can't be added!
e.g.:"Long John Silver" is valid, "John Silver" is valid, "John" is not valid

Email: Real-Name: Quiet
Email: Real-Name: Quiet
Email: Real-Name: Quiet
Email: Real-Name: Quiet
Email: Real-Name: Quiet

Shall the listowners receive notifications of list subscriptions?

Who shall be able to post at the list?


List Owners and these Mail-Addresses:
Enter them comma-seperated here:

All members of this list

Shall the list be moderated?
It is possible to control the emails, that are send to the list, before distributing them. This is called list moderation. If your list shall be moderated, enter the email addresses, that will approve the messages.

No Moderation

Those Mail - Addresses:
Enter them comma-seperated here:

Where shall the replies to mails spread over the list go by default?

The whole list
Original sender only

Shall the list be visible at
The list can only be visible if: If the list is not entitled to be visible, it will be invisible, regardless of the given answer here.

Who shall be able to subscribe to the list?
Subscription can only be open if everyone is allowed to see the subscribers otherwise everyone can subscribe and see subscriber's mail-addresses

People can only be added by the listowners

Who shall be able to see the subscribers of the list?
Owners only
All Subscribers

Press the button below once, and don't refresh the website. Listserv, the software used for mailing list management, is single threaded, so if the creation of the mailing list is requested, while an email is distributed to a mailing list, you have to wait, until Listserv finishes its other tasks. If you don't get confirmation email in your mailbox after some minutes, contact the AEGEE Mail Team.